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From AFA's latest digital bowel movement:
The Home Depot is committed to promoting the homosexual agenda. It is also committed to supporting groups that are pushing for homosexual marriage.
Would someone with a clue please tell me just what the fuck the "homosexual agenda" is that the American Family Association keeps warning me about? It apparently doesn't involve gay marriage since that's called out as a distinct 'problem' in the above.
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My conveyed-with-the-house lawnmower of 15+ years old finally gave up the ghost necessitating a replacement. Did the typical "go online check the big box stores for what's what" thing, found a few, educated myself on the specs, decided on one. My first run through focused on Lowes and Home Depot, with HD finally winning out for a particular replacement. As I finished up I remembered, "Oh yeah, Sears sells this stuff too. But the local store in Seven Corners is rather skeezy and the last few trips there have been annoying and eh..." so off to Despot I head.

Long story short, after half an hour of looking around for a mower and trying to get a straight answer from someone I'm finally informed that, for all intents and purposes, HD isn't selling lawnmowers right now. O_o

Eventually I convince myself to make the trip to Sears in the vain hope of not leaving in annoyance again because the lawn thing is past critical at this point. I first called ahead to check and see if they had mowers on display and got a rather puzzled affirmative.

I enter the store and notice that they have apparently gone to some effort to spruce things up. Merchandise is properly faced, the floors appear to have actually been polished at some point this year, the door handle isn't rattling around lose...all and all the interior looks like someone actually took some time to clean things up. Getting to the dept. I start checking out the offerings (maybe 20 different models out to poke at - nice) and someone swings by to ask if I need help. When I tell him I do he apologizes for being the only person on staff (uh oh), points out two other customers and says he'll be with me as soon as he can. Mentally I decide to allow 15 minutes after I finish my evaluation before bailing on the whole process.

Ends up being about 5 minutes. I point out the one I want, he checks inventory then says he's going to run back to the warehouse to ensure the one I want is actually in stock. Returning inside of a couple of minutes he confirms there's one back there and asks what kind of vehicle I'm driving to ensure I'll be able to transport it home in the box. Yes there was an attempted upsell of an extended warranty but a simple, "no" was all it took to move on from there. Paid up and told how to get to the merchandise pickup area so they can load it in the GTI.

Seeing as this is the last opportunity for this process to go sideways I prepare for the worst. Park the car, walk in, scan my receipt and I'm told to watch the overhead display for the status. In less than 3 minutes my mower is rolling out the door and being loaded. Couldn't have been smoother.

Long story short (too late!) it's time for me to reconsider my disdain for Sears.
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The most recent missive from the American Family Association (previously titled, "National Federation for Decency") has delivered their latest campaign to suck money out of supporters:
REAL families want REAL movies! The ones that actually depict REAL life, REAL places and REAL situations.

Ok, so, documentaries, historical reenactments, reality shows, etc., suitable for all ages. Sure, fine, doesn't bother me if entertainments like this are made available.
Here are just a few of the many family-friendly movies available right now in the AFA Online Store:

There are numerous outlets to vend such things but if they want to do it all themselves, fine, should mean they can pass on the savings to interested parties...
A Bible professor from 1890 suddenly finds himself in a present day world.

...qualifies as, "REAL life...REAL situations"?

Just when I've nearly convinced myself that the far right can't get any more detached from reality I find myself humbled once again.
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>> [] The
>> IM-ME can be had for about $15 or so, and is purportedly very hackable.
>But it's... pink...

So is your dick. Do you avoid that too?


Jun. 3rd, 2010 01:46 pm
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This is ridiculous. A bill introduced in the House (HR 5571) that would tax soft drinks to offset their contributions to CO2 emissions.


May. 18th, 2010 07:56 pm
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...all kinds of folk showing up here in el-Hey! land. Welcome back.
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You're Wasting My Fucking Time:

Preparing to pay my (not yet disconnected) landline phone bill Sunday afternoon I noticed 13 Toll Charge calls itemized on there that I didn't make. I haven't used that line in two or three months at least. Blew the dust off a handset and discovered that I have no dialtone. It took 10-15 minutes of navigating voice mail menus in the billing system to discover they were not open on weekends and I didn't feel like starting with the repair people, figuring I'd deal with that today.

Finally got to start with Verizon around 15:30. After explaining the problem, a records check to see if there had been a note of the line being released for reassignment or porting, being told I needed to talk to both toll charge office and repair office, given a phone number to call back the toll charge people if I was disconnected, I was transferred to somewhere. Got through the "name/phone number/ account number foryoursecurity" bullshit with Verizontal employee #2, he was pulling up my records and we were cut off. Called back the 1-800 number I was given and got Ray. Ray doesn't work for Verizon. Ray is an elderly small business owner somewhere in Oklahoma who, by his reports, gets 5 or 6 of these calls a day because Verizon call reps keep giving out the wrong toll free prefix. We had a brief chat (he does small engine repair or something and is otherwise very bored and underemployed), I disconnected and tried all the other prefixes since he couldn't recall which one was the "right" one. Attempt #3 being successful (1-877) I get a Verizon office who can give me numbers but cannot transfer me.

Back into Verizon voice response menu hell. Long story short (I was almost 30 minutes invested by now so ppphhbbblltttt) I'm talking with Danielle in toll charges who starts a process of wanting to go call by call through the list of 13 charges. After one on-hold/she calls the number/reports back to me "it's a cell phone so we do not have any information" I explain the no dial tone and call-my-number-and-get-a-parking-garage problems whereupon she explains that I'll first have to talk to repair and once they report they've corrected any problem the toll charges can be removed. Great. Transfer to despair.

New Verizon voice who mumbled her name works through the script, runs a line test (which shows up clean), starts into the "plug a phone into the NID" bit when I interrupt and ask, "Have you called my home phone number? Please do. You'll get a parking garage. My phone won't ring. I can even hold the phone up to my cell phone headset if you'd like to listen." She puts me on hold for a bit and comes back claiming that someone answered but it wasn't me. "Great," I think, "that should cut through the BS and they can fix this without further prompting from me." I am such a fool.

Nameless voice picks up the script with plugging a phone into the NID. I explain that I all I have readily available are cordless phones and there's no power plug out there so there's a bit of a problem doing that. She gives me a bit of patronizing patter about how I need to reset all of my "phone devices" and I can pick up a cheap phone at Radio Shack for these circumstances and that they can roll a truck but I'll be responsible for the service call if the problem isn't in the network. I'm flabbergasted at this response. "Wait a second. Didn't you just call my home number and get a parking garage? How is it possible that a problem in my house wiring could connect callers to a completely different location?" "Equipment interference." GMAFB.

Moving on, I get the repair number to call back to, which I'm assured is a direct number, cobble together a wired handset and test at the NID. No dialtone. Big surprise. I call the number I was given and get the same goddamn start-from-first-principles voice menu system I got every other time I called a published service number for Verizon, but one with the added benefit of preventing you from actually speaking to anyone once progressing past the point where it indicated it found my open case file. My only option for moving forward was a Thursday truck roll, "between the hours of 8am and 7pm" with a requirement that someone be here to give them access to the premises regardless of the fact that they can check the NID without anyone being here.

Now I'm stuck having to have Verizon admit to and correct their cross-connect or switch programming fuckup before the ever-growing number of incorrect charges on my phone bill can be reversed so I can just get the damn thing disconnected.
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I lay claim to coining the phrase "knotcrotched" as shorthand for eg. "getting one's panties in a wad".
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A lawnmower performs significantly better via several metrics when the blade has an actual edge on it, vs. what appeared to be something designed to cower the grass via blunt force trauma.
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Almost leading off in the comments to a Boston Herald article about Scott Brown declining an invitation to appear at a Palin/teabagger rally:

Scott will rue the day he turned down this invitation. Dont[sic] forget your margin was not that great and evry[sic] voter counts since ther[sic] will be an influx of new illegal aliens voting when your re-election come up. I think this is goodbye Mr. Chips and I am one of your supporters. What a stupid midtake[sic] this is going to be for you and the party. My wife warned me that you wre[sic] not a real Republican and she had to hold her nose and vote for you because I asked her to.

My first thought is, "Rue the day? Who talks like that?"[0]

My second is, "Is 'asking your wife to vote for a specific candidate' teabagger code for, 'I told her to pull the damn lever before she gets the hose again!'"

[0] 2 internets if you can name the movie


Apr. 8th, 2010 07:24 pm
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Decided to do my once a decade or so, "Let's talk to the salesperson at the door" thing tonight. The flavor of the evening was Mormon. What the hell passes for education these days? The talky one claimed to have failed science in school, done poorly in math, which had me assuming he was perhaps of a literary bent yet got confused by words like "tautology" and "indemnify."
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"GOP fires Allison Meyers as strip-club scandal taints party "
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The "Liberty Brick"![0] Made from 100% US of A clay-belt materials! Fired in the kilns of our patriotic outrage! Perfect for shattering the window of Thomas Paine's un-Godly and elitist Enlightnment ideology! Stackable! Buy some for your friends and build a wall for Freedom!

[0] NottobeconfusedwithnoraffiliatedinanywaywithCHESAPEAKE BIOFUELS, LLCofVirginiavoidwhereprohibitedyouarenowreadingeverythinginthislegaldisclaimervoice

Piss. Off.

Mar. 21st, 2010 09:59 pm
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Mr. Eric "All Your Uterus Belong to Us" Cantor has the shameless audacity to claim authority over what is and isn't a "personal choice" in the context of health insurance reform? Miserable little POS. Virginia, we can do so much better than this.
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[Landline ringing? Nobody of consequence calls me on that anymore. What plaything am I being offered tonight?]




[sounds of a boiler room]"Hello hello can you hear me ok?"

"I can hear you fine"

"Ok hi my name is May I'm calling from the Campaign for Responsible Health Care Reform and we are calling you in regards to reckless new legislation that Harry Reid is irresponsibly putting before Congress that will raise taxes and make health care more expensive for everyone. Do you agree that Harry Reid's health care bill is reckless and Congress should start over and do it the right way?"

"That depends."

"It depends? On what?"

"It depends on what you mean. What do you mean by, 'the right way'?"

" you agree that Congress should abandon the current reckless plan put forth by Harry Reid and start over on health care reform?"

No, I think at this point that would be silly."

"Then you have a nice eveni<*click*>"



Mar. 2nd, 2010 07:05 pm
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How will we ever get a leg up on hackers who are infecting computers worldwide? Microsoft's security chief laid out several suggestions Tuesday, including a possible Internet usage tax to pay for the inspection and quarantine of machines.

Today most hacked PCs run Microsoft's Windows operating system, and the company has invested millions in trying to fight the problem.
So who would foot the bill? "Maybe markets will make it work," Charney said. But an Internet usage tax might be the way to go. "You could say it's a public safety issue and do it with general taxation," he said.

Let me see if I understand this. Microsoft, the world leader in amongst other things, "hacked PCs", the party primarily responsible for the security (or lack thereof) model for the leading problem OS, wants everyone on the Internet, including those of us who long ago made a conscious decision to avoid their products, to pay to fix a problem Microsoft is largely responsible for.

There's a special kind of irony in Microsoft proposing a tax on Internet usage considering they are currently on the hook for over $1B (billion) dollars in unpaid taxes to Washington state due to a little gaming of the system that Washington state is not currently happy with. As explained by Jeff Reifman on his blog:
After King County Superior Court Judge Gregory Canova awarded Microsoft an $8.7 million judgment in a 2008 lawsuit involving unpaid software licenses, he might have been surprised to learn that Microsoft isn’t actually in the software licensing business in Washington – or at least that’s what it reports to the state Department of Revenue.

For tax purposes, Microsoft reports that it’s earned its estimated $143 billion in software licensing revenue in Nevada, where there is no licensing tax. However, for legal purposes, Microsoft executes its licensing contracts so they are governed by and rely on the protections of Washington law and its courts (some regional contracts are governed by the laws in Ireland or China).

If the company has, "invested millions" then it sounds to me like they could continue doing so with their Washington State tax avoidance slush fund, perhaps even stepping it up a bit and show some tangible long-term results, without forcing everyone else to pay even more to clean up their mess.

Or they could just let those of us who have jobs where we are expected to pick up the broken pieces of their woefully substandard POS excuse for an OS have free round-trip tickets to Redmond and half a dozen or so crotch-kicks to each officer of the company for each incident we end up having to respond to.
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